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Emirates Cable Car Overview

Enjoy some of the most amazing views of the London cityscape and the river Thames by indulging in an Emirates Cable Car ride. The first urban cable car in all of the United Kingdom, the Emirates air line cable car links The Royal Docks and the Greenwich Peninsula, thereby giving visitors a great opportunity to explore the local region in a unique way. Furthermore, the Emirates Cable Car in London takes you all the way up to 90 metres high in the air, from where you can soak in some of the most panoramic views of the landmarks of the city, from the Olympic Park and Thames Barrier to the St. Paul’s Cathedral and more.

With the cabins of the Cable Car London Emirates arriving at intervals of 30 seconds, and the ride lasting for around 10 minutes, a sunset ride in the Emirates Cable Car London is also one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around you. As you travel for the 1.1-kilometre journey inside the cable car, you can also get a chance to see the sun setting behind iconic buildings, such as the O2 Arena, the Crystal, Canary Wharf, etc. Indulging in the Emirates Cable Cars London ride is surely one of the most unique ways to enjoy exploring London with your loved ones.

Highlights Of Emirates Cable Car

Emirates Cable Car Highlights
  • Discover the city of London from a unique vantage point while enjoying a ride in the Emirates Cable Car, UK’s first-ever urban cable car.

  • Get lifted up to 90 metres above the river Thames and enjoy amazing views of iconic landmarks of the city, from the Thames Barrier and O2 Arena, to the Crystal, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Olympic Park and more during your ride in the Emirates Cable Car in London.

  • Enjoy stunning views of the sunset as you travel 1.1 kilometres between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks with your friends and family in an 8 to 10-seater Emirates airline cable car.

  • Experience the captivating nightlife of London as you indulge in a night-time ride in the cable car, and get a chance to enjoy the vibrant reflections of the O2 Arena along with the bright lights of the famous Canary Wharf.

  • Indulge in photography or simply soak in the serene ambience as you experience a bird’s eye view of the river Thames, with the many boats and cruises sailing along its waters during your ride in the cable car London Emirates.

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History Of Emirates Cable Car

The very first idea of a cable car that would link the northern banks of the Thames with the Greenwich Peninsula in London came up in the late 1990s. However, it was in July 2010 when it was announced that the Transport for London (TfL) had plans to develop a cable car line over the river Thames, which would make it the first urban cable car in the UK.

While it was mentioned that News International was the primary sponsor of the project, they withdrew their offer in January 2011, following which, in October 2011, it was announced that the Dubai-based Airline company Emirates would sponsor the project in a 10-year sponsorship deal. In August 2011, the design and construction for the Emirates Cable Car London officially began. According to the architects, the cable car would cross the river at a height of up to 90 metres, with a maximum capacity of 2,500 passengers every hour in each direction. The Emirates air line cable car officially opened on June 28, 2012, with the total cost of the project being around £60 million.

Top Attractions To Spot While On Emirates Cable Car

There are a plethora of attractions which you can spot whilst on a ride in the Emirates Cable Car in London. In addition to enjoying spectacular views of the city’s amazing skyline, you can also catch sights of the river Thames as the cable car passes right above it. Additionally, during the ride, you can also witness the entirety of the Greenwich Peninsula and the famous Royal Docks, along with the nearby attractions of Emirates Cable Car and landscapes.

Thames River
River Thames

The Emirates Cable Car passes above the River Thames and thereby gives visitors some of its most panoramic bird’s eye views. Ranked as the most famous river from the east to west in all of the United Kingdom, the shores of the Thames are home to luxurious hotels, bustling cafes and other vibrant places. During your ride, you can even catch sights of cruiser ships sailing in the river, in addition to the bustling cityscapes, lanes and houses around it. Additionally, you can also witness sights of several events that are organised here whilst passing over the river in your cable car, from boat races and marathons, to river races, fireworks displays and more.

London Skyline
London's Skyline

During your ride in the Emirates Cable Cars London, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the city’s skyline. Whether it is during the day, or during the sunset or night hours, you can soak in amazing views of iconic landmarks and attractions of the city of London. From its busy streets and winding alleyways, to structures such as the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the O2, the ExCel Exhibition Centre, Canary Wharf, the Crystal and a lot more, you can spot it all while enjoying your cable car ride. You can even enjoy great views of the river Thames, as the cable car goes right above it.

Greenwich Peninsula
Greenwich Peninsula

Greenwich Peninsula is another top attraction that you can spot during your ride in the Emirates Cable Car. Said to be the fastest growing and most vibrant part of the city of London, this attraction is also the home of several iconic landmarks of the city, including the O2, ICON Outlet, NOW Gallery, Ravensbourne University and more. Whilst enjoying your cable car ride, you can soak in serene aerial views of this historic area of London, and catch sights of stunning royal architecture, beautiful gardens as well as the majestic Cutty Sark, a historic sailing ship, and the age-old Greenwich Market.

Royal Docks
Royal Docks

When indulging in the Emirates cable car ride, you can also get the chance to view the Royal Docks from high up in the air. Home to the events venue of the ExCel London, Royal Docks is a popular riverside industrial district in London. In addition to seeing the shipping containers, cruise liners and other ships docked here, you can also capture beautiful photographs of this district’s iconic skyline during your ride.

If you are indulging in a night-time cable car ride, you might also catch stunning views of the illuminated waterways and vibrant lanes and roads in and around the waterfront of Royal Docks, which are a sight to behold.

The O2

The Emirates air line cable car also offers some of the most amazing views of the famous O2 Arena, the second largest indoor venue in the whole country. The site of numerous events and concerts of some of the best bands and artists from around the world, The 02 is also amongst the best venues in the whole world.

During your ride in the cable car, you can capture the most scenic bird’s eye views of this indoor arena, along with its beautiful structure and design. And if you are lucky, you might even get a chance to catch glimpses of one of the many events held here.

Know Before You Go To Emirates Cable Car

Essential Information
Halt Points
Emirates Cable Car

Location: 27 Western Gateway, London E16 1FA, United Kingdom


  • Monday-Thursday: 7 AM to 10 PM
  • Friday: 7 AM to 11 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Sunday: 9 AM to 10 PM

Why Experience Emirates Cable Car?

Experience Emirates Cable Car
  • The Emirates Cable Car ride in London offers the most beautiful aerial views of the River Thames in Greenwich, as the car passes over it.

  • The 1.1-kilometre journey of the cable car gives passengers a chance to witness the most panoramic views of the city of London from a height of up to 90 metres above the ground.

  • In addition to offering a unique way of exploring the city of London, the cable car ride is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to travel from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks and vice versa.

  • During the ten-minute-long ride, passengers can also witness other major attractions of the city, including the Thames Barrier, the Canary Wharf, O2 Arena, Olympic Park and more.

  • Passengers can even witness sunsets during the ride, and see how the London skyline looks at dusk, while capturing beautiful photographs of the same.

Tips To Experience Emirates Cable Car

Emirates Cable Car

  • If you are traveling solo, you may be asked to join the ride with other single passengers, so it is advisable to enjoy the ride with your friends and family.

  • It is recommended to enjoy a ride in the IFS Cloud Cable Car on clear days, since it is on those days when you can have the best views of London, as opposed to rainy days, when the cabin views are typically covered in raindrops.

  • It is advisable to always check whether the cable car lines are functional as they may close in case of strong winds, thunder or lightning.

Emirates Cable Car FAQ's

How long does the Emirates Cable Car Journey take?

    The Emirates Cable Car journey takes roughly around 10 minutes from the Royal Docks to the Greenwich Peninsula. However, you can also indulge in a night flight experience here, which takes place every day after 07:00 p.m., when the journey is extended Upto 12 to 13 minutes each way, thereby giving you a longer time to enjoy the city lights from high up above.

At what time I can spot sunset while on Emirates Cable Car journey?

Is the Emirates Cable Car journey safe for kids?

What makes Emirates Cable Car so popular?

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